Mission & Vision

Our appointed mission & vision is to be used by GOD to minister through His Holy Spirit.  Our mission is to the lost so that they may receive salvation & redemption in and only through CHRIST JESUS. To edify & equip those that are in the Body of Christ to walk in the Kingdom Authority, Power & Anointing through the HOLY SPIRIT. To lead all captives to freedom, the brokenhearted to peace & comfort, the wounded, addicted, sick, afflicted, deaf, blind, lame etc…to deliverance & healing in and only through CHRIST JESUS. GOD has placed a mandate upon this body of believers, to equip & prepare all people for the return of the KING of KINGS & LORD of LORDS

IMG_5167 GOD
 has Anointed, Appointed, Ordained and fully equipped Evangelist Gretchen Kershaw for such a time as this. She is part of the Remnant that is being raised up for an end time outpouring of the KINGDOM of GOD. The LORD has filled HIS servant with HIS pure, un-adulterated, un-tainted, truth of HIS HOLY WORD.  GOD has called Gretchen to equip & edify the Body of CHRIST to become disciples/followers of JESUS not church attendees or converts.

Gretchen’s life experiences have such a powerful anointed testimony of GOD’S true deliverance of Grace, Mercy, protection, purpose & faithfulness to bring anyone through whatever may come their way. From the time she came into this world she has faced storm after storm, trial after trial and VICTORY after VICTORY.  At 6 months of age her mother suffered a terrible attack that had her buried in a man made grave coming out never the same. Being tossed around in the battle her entire childhood, she became and adult and refused to allow circumstances and trials to define her. On July 24th 2009, her 29 year old brother Michael committed suicide and died while he was on the phone with Gretchen. Her brother suffered from depression, anxiety, fear and pain from the trials and storms that the free will of others had dealt him. Upon her brother’s last few breaths Gretchen was able to lead him to JESUS as he would enter in eternal rest.

From being told she would never amount to nothing, she would end up another statistic, she would never graduate high-school nor do anything of substance Gretchen was delivered from all the curses by the BLOOD of JESUS. Gretchen did not grow up in the “church” nor did she attend seminary school, her degree is in Psychology but the LORD has had her in a 10 year extensive training period before His throne. Gretchen began to serve the LORD full time in 2006.  As an act of Faith & Obedience she began to bring people into her home for a weekly fellowship, bible study on deliverance from bondage of past wounds, low self esteem, childhood related issues, trust, fear, anxiety, depression and religious mind sets.

In 2006, the LORD began to open doors in Gretchen’s life and she started up an outreach ministry  “Walking Wounded Ministries.” In 2008 Gretchen founded “Grace Mercy Luv” GOD, is using Gretchen as a vessel to pave the way for the 2nd coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Minister/Evangelist Gretchen Kershaw is moving throughout the United States preaching, teaching, equipping & edifying as the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD leads with  miracles, signs and wonders following. Gretchen truly walks in an Isaiah 61 anointing to bind up the brokenhearted, set the captives free, and edify the Body of CHRIST. What GOD has revealed to her throughout HIS HOLY WORD is intended to produce world over-comers that possess and understand their “KINGDOM AUTHORITY!

In Gretchen’s time of Ministry she has been able to witness the power of GOD and supernatural manifestations taking place in the form of seeing the lame walk, the deaf hear, limbs growing, a 10 year old child in a coma for 6 months awaken and alive.  She is expecting to see the dead raised before JESUS comes back again! Gretchen was healed in 2002. She firmly believes that GOD is the GREAT PHYSICIAN, HEALER, DELIVERER, REDEEMER, ALL POWERFUL, ALMIGHTY ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD!